Pilot Telemedicine Program for Dr Leavens

Dr Deborah Leavens is starting a pilot program to test the feasibility of telemedicine appointments with her patients.  If you have been scheduled for one of these appointments, there are a few steps you’ll need to take prior to your visit.  The first step is downloading a program called VSEE onto your computer.  Click the following link to get that program: https://vsee.com/.  When it is time for your appointment, you will open up that program, it will run in the background, and then you can click on this link : http://www.broadlandsfamilypractice.com/services/ezvisit-2/ to sign in for your appointment.  You will need to click on the Yellow box that says “Scheduled EZVisit”.  It will ask you a few questions and have you click a “submit” button that will put you into the “waiting room”.  From there you will be greeted by one of Dr Leavens’ clinical assistants to start your appointment the same way you would as if you were in the office.  Please note that a camera is required to utilize this service and that scheduling for these appointments is done the normal way by calling the office.  This service will not be available for same day visits to begin with, but in the future may open up to that availability.  There will be instances where a telemedicine appointment is not appropriate to properly handle the medical situation you are having, in which case a normal office visit will be required.