Meet the Team

Jason Cooper, MD

Family Medicine

“It is such a privilege to practice family medicine. I enjoy spending time with and getting to know my patients, as well as the challenge of helping, encouraging, inspiring, and supporting them through the cycles of life.”

Deborah Leavens, MD

Family Medicine

“I have been privileged for the last 29 years to provide care for the patients of Herndon Family Medicine. My focus in caring for our patients has been to maintain health through preventive healthcare, and to restore health when it has been lost. The long-term relationship that I have with many of my patients is the basis for a strong therapeutic relationship, and a true source of enjoyment. I look forward to coming to work each day.”

Kevin Lee, MD

Family Medicine

“I believe that Family Medicine is about relationships. My goal is to take care of the whole patient and not just their diagnoses. Part of that involves being a good listener, but also a good educator. I always hope to help people understand what’s going on with them and why we are doing certain things. There may be times that we don’t always do things the way the patient wants, but that’s usually because I am trying to be a good advocate and steward of their health. In doing so, I try to bring a small town feel to the doctor patient relationship as much as possible.”

Marc Plescia, MD

Family Medicine

Anita Rentz, MD

Family Medicine

“I love being a Family Physician! It is a privilege to take care of patients. I recognize the immense trust and responsibility given to me. I truly believe ‘It’s no coincidence that the first four letters in the word health are heal!'”

Michael Silverstein, MD

Family Medicine

“I seek to work flexibly in partnership with individuals, and their families to maintain or improve their wellbeing and health; by helping people develop and modify dynamic patient centered action plans using: positive motivation, lifestyle modification, integrative medicine and evidence based scientific information to achieve realistic health goals and treatments.”

Kevin Weaver, MD

Family Medicine

“I believe in listening intently to my patients. In listening well the problem and solution are usually evident and the best results achieved. It is my objective to deliver the best medical care for the individual based on the most current, up to date evidence based research. Personalizing the care to the individual is critical to me.”

Kathryn Colcher, FNP-BC

Nurse Pracitioner

“In my role as a family nurse practitioner, I believe a relationship with one’s health care provider should be collaborative and dynamic, rooted in respect and understanding. I strive to focus on the whole person – one’s mind, body, and soul – while empowering patients to take an active role in their health and well being.”